Photo of VISTAs volunteering at community garden
National Engagement News
July 11th
Through Campus Compact’s partnership with the Journal of Higher Education Outreach and Engagement, we are able to highlight the voice of our member presidents. Journal of Higher Education Outreach and Engagement has recently published volume 20(2), …
July 6th
The Action Statement emerged out of conversations with leaders from across Campus Compact’s network who came together to make a commitment to deepen higher education’s engagement for the public good. The Statement commits campuses to taking co…

Welcome to Kentucky Campus Compact!

Kentucky Campus Compact (KyCC) envisions a Commonwealth where the state’s needs are a shared concern for students and faculty at colleges and universities. Imagine a hungry child, an unemployed or undereducated parent, a community, whether urban or rural, undermined by poverty, or a stream damaged by misuse. Each of these is a call to learning and service, as we seek to bring knowledge and know-how to community problems. KyCC is committed to being the network that encourages our institutions of higher learning to collaborate on these challenges and to work toward a single objective: a healthier, more prosperous Kentucky.

Student wins spring 2016 Student Service Award

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Kentucky Campus Compact to form a Student Advisory Board

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The Interfaith Youth Core managerial position

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